3D Visualization

Thanks to increasingly powerful computers and software, 3D visualizations are becoming increasingly interesting for projects with a smaller budget. It doesn't always have to be complex animations - a few selected perspectives of a planned exhibition stand are more meaningful than a floor plan. Good 3D renderings not only help to attract financiers for a planned project, they can also avoid bad investments. The photo-realistic simulation of the lighting and space conditions enables a fairly precise assessment of the effect on future visitors already in the planning phase.

Once the geometric data is on the computer, there is of course nothing to be said against a virtual tracking shot through the planned premises. A few years ago, this would be a very costly and time-consuming affair. We always use the latest and most powerful computers and through our cooperation with various network companies that operate so-called render farms, animation films of several minutes can be calculated in a short time.

Another focus in the area of ??3D animation is the representation of technical and scientific processes, as can be seen again and again in the well-known science magazines. The virtual world knows neither spatial nor physical boundaries, so many relationships can only be clearly illustrated with this technology.

In addition to these classic applications, where the goal is a photo-realistic display, 3D technology is also used for interactive apps. Pre-calculated renderings, combined with real-time 3D graphic elements enable an appealing look that surprises the user with its interactive features.

Whether it is realistic images of reality or more abstract content - in any case the question arises how the product should be presented. In most cases, the animated film is integrated into a multimedia concept presentation, for example, or output as a stand-alone product on DVD or on an Internet site. But when it comes to a demonstration at an event, there are often only financial limits to the imagination. Large-format LED walls in extreme formats or panoramic projections can be taken into account when producing a 3D film with very little additional effort.

The selection menu on the right takes you to examples and references of these subject areas of 3D visualization.

Reference Projects
Touch Screen App: Mercedes-Benz EQC
An example for the combination of high quality 3D renderings with user interaction in realtime
Traffic Simulation: Plug-in for Cinema 4D
Plug-in software for Maxon Cinema 4D for realistic simulation and 3D visualization of traffic flows
Technical Animation: Mercedes-AMG Roadster
Example of a technical 3D animation with our self-developed vehicle simulation software
Product Animation: Ideematec PV Trackung
Technical 3D animation of the product properties of the photovoltaic tracking system "safeTrack Horizon"
PV Tracking Software: Plug-in for Cinema 4D
Custom software for the management of large photovoltaic systems
Touch Screen App: Mercedes-AMG Engine
An example of the combination of photo-realistic 3D renderings with integrated graphic and text elements in real time.
Touch Screen App: smart Configurator
Another example of the combination of high-quality 3D renderings with 3D graphics in real time
3D Graphics: Sunpower Solar Home Solution
High-resolution, detailed 3D graphics for the print sector
Product Animation: Ideemasun PV Hybrid
3D animation of technical processes of a photovoltaic hybrid system for industrial plants