Traffic Simulation: Plug-in for Cinema 4D

Plug-in software for Maxon Cinema 4D for realistic simulation and 3D visualization of traffic flows

The core of the plug-in software is based on the Intelligent Driver Model (IDM), a robust traffic following model developed by the Institute of Economics and Transport of the TU Dresden. The IDM is complemented by the lane change model MOBIL (Minimizing Overall Braking Induced by Lane changes), that provides voluntary and forced lane changes where braking maneuvers are reduced to a minimum. The implementation as a Windows app in map style City Traffic Simulator by Christian Schulte zu Berge inspired us to develop this plugin in order to visualize realistic traffic scenes in 3D space with little effort.

With the transfer to a 3D environment, we have made extensive extensions. In addition to supporting other vehicle types, the software supports driving lines in three-dimensional space and offers optimized functions for working with a 3D program, such as the cloning of identical vehicles with optional variation of the paintings or the automatic lighting of brake lights and direction indicators. Traffic lights are also controlled automatically.

The plug-in is available at

The example video shows a realistic traffic situation at the Barbarossaplatz in Cologne. The 3D project not only includes the true-to-scale road network with realistic traffic volume and real traffic light cycles, but also the buildings and furniture modeled with attention to detail.

Category3D Visualization
Software Development
ToolsMicrosoft Visual Studio
Maxon Cinema 4D