Technical Animation: Mercedes-AMG Roadster

Example of a technical 3D animation with our self-developed vehicle simulation software

We created this animation for the press driving presentation of the Mercedes-AMG GTC Roadster, which demonstrates the new rear axle steering. We have designed a script with different driving scenes that shows the advantages of this feature. At high speeds, the rear wheels steer parallel to the front wheels to increase driving stability; at low speeds, counter-steering of the rear wheels results in a smaller turning circle.

Before we started work, we built this feature into our auto-simulation DRIVE! , so we had more time saving when creating the animation and at the same time we were able to offer a feature update of the software.

The car simulation DRIVE! for MAXON Cinema 4D can be purchased in our online shop at

Category3D Visualization
ToolsMaxon Cinema 4D
Heyne DRIVE!
Adobe Premiere
ClientDaimler AG