PV Tracking Software: Plug-in for Cinema 4D

Custom software for the management of large photovoltaic systems

In 2013 we developed the first version of a plug-in for Cinema 4D for Ideematec GmbH, the leading manufacturer of solar tracking technology. The software automates the positioning of the tracker systems on the terrain, calculates the material requirements and outputs a calculation of the expected electricity production. Work plans and checklists for construction work on site can also be exported. On the input side there are import options for data tables and CAD data.

The plug-in allows detailed 3D models to be assigned to the schematically represented hardware components. An animation of the tracking of the systems to the sun can be created with just a few mouse clicks.

The software is still being developed according to customer requirements and, if necessary, adapted to new releases of the Cinema 4D host software.

Category3D Visualization
Software Development
ToolsMicrosoft Visual Studio
Maxon Cinema 4D
ClientIdeematec Deutschland GmbH